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We can help you with all aspects of RECRUITMENT from advertising, candidate vetting, interviews, offers, contracts (terms & conditions) and employee handbooks.  We can prepare job descriptions and write formal appraisals processes (including incentives and bonuses). We can also help you with the formal performance management of sub-standard employees (disciplinary) by guiding you through a legally compliant process, offering advice along the way and providing legally compliant template letters.  We successfully defended a client (who followed our processes) against a Barrister at an Employment Tribunal.


We've advised a number of our clients on their product/service offerings as well as their pricing strategy.  We can also advise on where and how to focus your marketing spend and to improve your website ranking.   We can set up and manage your Google Adwords campaigns for you and help you with a Social Media optimisation strategy. We can also help you track your marketing spend so you can monitor its effectiveness by measuring lead generation (and conversion!) by campaign.


We can help you with due diligence and advise you of what pitfalls to avoid.


We have extensive experience helping clients negotiate with regulatory bodies such as OFCOM and OFSTED as well as Local Authorities.  We also have extensive experience in working with landlords and have helped clients negotiate and get what they need or are entitled to without recourse to the much more expensive legal profession.  We also know what we don't know and thus when it is wise to instruct a solicitor.

We can help you with "terms and conditions" generally, either for your website, your employee contracts or your terms of business.  In other words we can help you protect yourself and your business.


Owner managed businesses don’t always recognise the need for a management accountant’s contribution as a business partner.

If our role is limited to preparing financial accounts and ensuring compliance, that's ok, but we might be able to offer you much more value if you let us. We can analyse your business to help improve its performance. For example the drivers of cost, risk and value can be analysed to identify opportunities to make savings or investments which will pay dividends for the business in future months/years.